After over 15 years of training and coaching Clown artists, many information and amazing memories have been shared through the diferent groups who followed the classes and the Nouveau Clown Institute activities. Here are some of them…


The Way of the Clown – Often misunderstood, clowns offer an alternative viewpoint

El Vaquero, A. Heimer, May 8, 2020

El clown Jango Edwards gana el premio Zirkólika de Circo a la Mejor Trayectoria

Zirkiloka, 22 diciembre 2020


  • Rehersals and classes
    • Some of the shows along the road


    Goldenes Verdienstzeichen an Jango Edwards

    BUENAFUENTE 373 – Jango Edwards en los Goya

    Jango Edwards archives INA

    Jango Edwards 40 Years of Entertainment

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